Hope is the best weapon we have against fear

HOPE IN THE DARKNESS: The 10-Point Threat Assessment Model

Security expert and former LAPD police officer Dana Picore, Ph.D. shares a vital message of choosing hope over fear while giving you practical tools to increase workplace security.

The 10-Point Threat Assessment Model at the heart of HOPE IN THE DARKNESS is not a simple checklist, but an in-depth look at the "why" behind violent human behavior. You will be better able to recognize the signs of someone who may pose a threat to others, and take steps to address the situation, when you view workplace safety through this lens of human behavior.

Acts of terrorism and workplace violence are sad facts of modern life. This timely and instructive book gives security guards, security directors, HR professionals, managers, and other leaders who are responsible for safety in their organizations the confidence and knowledge to develop a workplace security plan and be proactive – rather than reactive – when it comes to safety.

Hope In The Darkness Book Cover

In Hope In The Darkness, you will learn:

How to evaluate an individual’s threat level using the 10-Point Threat Assessment Model
How an individual’s history of violence, mental health, neurological disorders, substance abuse, access to weapons, and more relate to workplace safety
How to recognize hopelessness and impulsivity, two traits that can spell trouble
What to do in an active shooter situation
When to trust your gut and pay attention to someone’s “odd” behavior
How to use understanding and empathy to defuse a tense situation

Throughout the book, Dana shares relevant examples from her own life as a police officer and private security expert. HOPE IN THE DARKNESS comes from a place of experience, compassion, and a profound understanding of human psychology. It may be the most significant book you read this year, with the power to positively impact your entire organization.

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About Author Dana Picore

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Dana Picore, Ph.D, MFT is President and CEO of Picore International, a global security services provider. In addition to being a licensed private investigator and psychotherapist, Dana is a sought-after threat assessment expert and workplace violence prevention consultant. She is also a former police officer and field and academy training instructor with the Los Angeles Police Department. Dana has conducted research on global terrorism while in the Middle East and has participated in relief efforts in New Orleans, LA for Hurricane Katrina; Houston, TX for Hurricane Harvey; Keys, FL for Hurricane Irma; and Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria.

Dana attended Cornell University for leadership strategies and obtained her Certification in Management Development for Entrepreneurs (MDE) from UCLA Anderson School of Management and her doctorate in clinical psychology from Union Institute and University. Here are a few of the media outlets she has consulted to: Fortune, Angeleno, E! Entertainment, CNN, MSNBS, CNBC, and Eyewitness News.